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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Tell Me Why You Blog

So, as much to my surprise as anyone's, I'm not only talking at NCTM in April but they made me a featured speaker? Only freaking out a little. I applied in response to a few people who shall not be named (unless they want to out themselves) proposing "a possible blogging strand with maybe a panel or something." So as you can imagine, the idea for what I'm talking about is super well thought-out and fully baked right now. (That was sarcasm, if that wasn't clear.)

The benefits to written, public reflection are, to me, by this point, so internalized that I find them hard to articulate. And, "reflective practice" as The Thing to Do seems to have gone out of fashion. Now it's all about data. Data is the new Reflection.

Ahem. If you would, comment on this post and share with me some things:
1. What hooked you on reading the blogs? Was it a particular post or person? Was it an initiative by the nice MTBoS folks? A colleague in your building got you into it? Desperation?
2. What keeps you coming back? What's the biggest thing you get out of reading and/or commenting?
3. If you write, why do you write? What's the biggest thing you get out of it?
4. If you chose to enter a room where I was going to talk about blogging for an hour (or however long you could stand it), what would you hope to be hearing from me? MTBoS cheerleading and/or tourism? How-to's? Stories?

And, please, link your reply back to your blog, if you have one. I'll make every effort to cite appropriately. Feeling a little weird about crowdsourcing this but I should get over that already. This community has already helped me crowdsource lessons, units, math research, and recommendation letters. Lots of us like to say we got involved and stay involved in this so we can suck a little less. I only get one chance to not suck in New Orleans, and I'd love your help. Let's hear you.