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Friday, September 16, 2011

Geometry: Points, Lines and Planes

I was going to write up a description of this project we just wrapped up in Geometry, but luckily Allison already did it! (Maybe go read that post if the rest of this doesn't make any sense.) I liked it because it gave students an opportunity to get messy with points, lines and planes. There was a whole lot of productive struggle going on in my Geometry classes.

Here are some nice examples of student work:

Here are some examples that show misconceptions! I'm going to do something with these. Not sure what precisely yet.

Some kids really did seem to be enjoying themselves while learning, but there was also an awful lot of complaining going on. Managing all of their digital photos and getting them from their phones and cameras into their accounts was a bit of a hassle, so I can appreciate the frustration there. But it was good! There were lots of conversations, which if they were blog posts or magazine articles would have titles like:
  • Why You Are Making Us Do This
  • It Is No Fair Making Us Think
  • We Would Prefer to Just Fill Out Worksheets That Ask the Same Questions Over and Over
  • Why Miss Nowak or Anyone Would Like This Job
  • If You Give Miss Nowak Your Phone She Will Change Your Wallpaper to a Math Picture
However, there were also hopeful conversations like:
  • I Would Rather Be in This Class Where I Actually Learn Something Even Though It's Harder
  • My Friend is Jealous She Doesn't Get to Do This Project
  • Holy Crap, a Three-Legged Table Can Never Be Wobbly