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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Destroy My Problem Set, Please.

Students should be able to complete this in groups without too much assistance from me. We already had a lesson on what the cube root means and simplifying cube roots to simplest form, which was also a refresher on how to simplify square roots. When it says "check on a calculator" they will have access to a CAS calculator for this lesson. I realize that if the roots don't come out rational, the calculator displays the answer with a fractional exponent. I don't know what to do about this yet. Maybe I will just put the answers on cards they can check instead of futzing with the CAS's.

The goal is for them to practice multiplying and simplifying, and investigate multiplying conjugate pairs to set us up for rationalizing denominators, both monomial and binomial.

I know the two questions at the end are kind of weird but it seems like a shame to waste the opportunity.


  • okay?
  • Crappy?
  • Suggestions for decrapifying?
  • Am I missing any relevant opportunities to make connections?
  • Or show multiple ways of seeing something?
  • How are the kids going to noob this up in ways I'm not anticipating?

Also, I am a Latex beginner so no making fun of my typesetting. It took me four hours to make this.