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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Low Floor High Ceiling Tasks for Fidgety Adults

I am planning an hour of math for a group of adults that is a daunting mix of math teachers, business professionals with no particular fondness for math, research mathematicians, and other assorted riffraff. First, I was thinking through the feasibility of facilitating us all working on the same problem (eep), but then I just decided to punt and steal John Stevens' idea and set up stations However, when I was looking for a good, single problem to use, I asked Twitter, and got lots of helpful suggestions. I saved them all as a Moment. I'm not entirely sure what that means; hopefully it means I can find them all later. (If you tweeted a response and I missed including it, I apologize; I think I got them all but I don't trust that Twitter showed them all to me when I was looking.) Happy tinkering!

(Choosing a tweeted image as the "cover art" was acting strangely in the embedded moment, so enjoy this picture of Tangie.)

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