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Monday, November 10, 2014

DDT, Y'all

Today in Geometry we tried Dance, Dance Transversal as popularized by Jessica and Julie. The kids dug it, and nailed an exit ticket identifying names of pairs of angles. I followed Julie's plan pretty closely. I loved that the kids were up and moving around for a good 20 minutes of class. (Was anyone else traumatized by that Grant Wiggins article? I'm very on the lookout for ways to make kids move.)

I just want to add one more resource to the arsenal: a powerpoint I made to show while playing. The slides auto-play the different moves. There are some initial slides that demonstrate where to put your feet for each cue. Then, the first two game slides are timed with a 1.5 second delay and worked well with Problem, and the second two game slides are timed with a 1 second delay and worked well with Dynamite.

Here's video. In case you're wondering, I did also play along, every period. Because their dancing did not have enough FLAVOR, and I had to demonstrate. Try to ignore the one kid doing some kind of demented hopscotch:

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