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Saturday, June 21, 2014

There's This Book. You Probably Want It.

If you don't know Sue VanHattum, you're missing out. She's a community college math teacher and math circle leader, and just one of the warmest, most thoughtful people I know. (If you're reading this, you probably know her blog, Math Mama Writes.)

For the past few years, Sue has been assembling and editing an anthology called Playing with Math, featuring writing by people who like to play with math. (Stories from Math Circles, Homeschoolers, and Passionate Teachers is the subtitle.) I appear in it, as do many of my heroes. It's stories, but it's also games and puzzles and fun things to play around with.

The book is finally ready to go! If you like f(t) and others of the genre, this book is probably right up your alley. The initial print run will need some funding. Donate as little as you like, but $25 gets you a print copy. (Oh, and don't put it off! The campaign only runs for a month.) Better yet, get one for you and a friend! Maybe that friend who is a parent and wants their kids to like math, but is afraid of it. You know the one. This is how we change people's minds about learning mathematics. One positive interaction at a time.