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Sunday, November 3, 2013

I Feel Guilty about My Blogging

Hey, Internet. What's up? I miss you. 

I only write anymore when I think I have something unique and important to say. Scratch that, I think that's been my threshold for a while. But there's been lots to learn at new job. I've been less trusting of my "what's unique and interesting" radar. 

But, here's a thought. A hubristic one, but still. There aren't that many people writing real-world lessons for middle and high school and selling them on the Internet. And coordinating a research study about the effectiveness of online teacher professional development. And helping to write unit blueprints that teachers can use to give some structure to high school CCSS courses. Things that happen around me are probably unique and interesting, and maybe occasionally important. Last week I spent 2 days on the other side of a booth on a conference exhibitor floor. I taught, over email, grown-ass adults how to use the Internet. Chris taught me how airlines make decisions about overbooking flights. I still learn alot. I believe in making learning public.

So this is what's happening: a post every day this week. I've never put myself on a blogging schedule before. I need a low threshold for commitment. Five days, starting tomorrow. Posts will be up by 10 PM, and feel free to yell at me. Let's see how this goes.


  1. I'm in the same mental state with my blogging. It's encouraging to read you doing something about it. Good luck!

  2. So what did you learn about how airlines makes decisions about overbooking their flights? There is a great AP Stats problem about that and I am wondering how realistic it is.

  3. I think it would be hard to describe in a blog comment. Do you have a link to the AP Stats problem?


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