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Sunday, March 10, 2013


Happy spring forward day! In Syracuse, they don't get sun for another two months or so. Or birds. And in Buenos Aires, it's the oppressive mosquito-thick shank of late summer. It was 65 degrees in Charlottesville today, the sun is out, and birds are singing. I'm 10% of the way through a 30-day Bikram challenge, and all I can move right now is my fingers. Things are good.

Maybe you all have heard of all of these things already, maybe not. Here you go:

Jason Dyer is on a tear lately.

1ucasvb makes pretty and interesting things out of code.

Daily Desmos has given me a right headache a number of times already.

Michael and Tina are taking the best kind of teacher blog post and making it into another blog.

Ben has reminded us why we do this, and what makes it fun.

We're getting a podcast!

Collaborative Mathematics is so great.