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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

On the Block All Things Are Possible

That was almost definitely the best class of the week.

Lucas walked in just before the bell wondering how long it would take to walk the length of the Great Wall of China.

Somehow, some way, my heart has not yet closed to hearing such questions.

"I wonder indeed, child! The floor is yours! Here, have this class of 12 rambunctious geniuses! Here, have some Internet! Have a projector! Let's rock this bitch out!"

You don't fiddle around with a class a little, you don't know what's possible.

Everybody looked a scosh alarmed. I perched up on a desk in the back and willed myself to not say much of anything. And good thing because dear God, these shoes.

They clarified the question on their own. They were riveted, every one. They were jumping up to open google maps. I suggested Google Earth and showed them how to measure distances. And the children, they were glowing. They were addicted. d=rt had its best day in a while. It's not explicitly part of this course, but let's not kid ourselves that all these cherubs have it on lockdown.

It took them all of 20 minutes to figure out, with satisfying certainty, how long it would take to walk the great wall of China. On periods, that would have been half the period, and there goes today. On the block, there were 70 minutes remaining, which if Miss Nowak can't adjust on the fly her treatment of parallel lines cut by a transversal to fit in 70 minutes, one should feel free to question her qualifications.


  1. I love this post. Thanks for the smile.

  2. Awesome post! Thanks for the inspiration! Today, we got done w/ the lesson so early that we kept going and got 2 lessons done in 1 day...and they were cool w/ it!

  3. You know, I've never read your blog... I'm not sure why because my god, you are awesome. Now I have to go catch up with the rest of your ...uh... 5 years worth of posts. Maybe I'll start with the last 5 posts or so :). Anyway, thanks for making my day!

  4. Might be interesting to think about how going up or down stairs (of which there are a fair amount on the GWoC, I believe) would affect your rate.

  5. I love this. Our school went to block last year and before we switched many teachers were freaking out about it... I love this post, because it really shows how flexible you can be with a few extra minutes! Thanks!


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