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Monday, December 12, 2011

In Which Ben Articulates My Reasoning Better Than I Could

...and then some.




I'll add, since I didn't provide much in the way of explanation. The NY Algebra 2/Trig test is a horror show. It tests many things. Notation. Vocabulary. Procedures. Graphing calculator button sequences. It is not a test of mathematical understanding. I am pretty sure any reasonably mathematically-literate adult would sit down to take it, and within twenty minutes be all like, "What the HELL is all this CRAP? And WHY are we inflicting it on our young people? Get me the Governor! Oh wait, I am the Governor!"

I just want the guy to know what his organization says is important for college-bound kids to know. Thats all. I'm not even totally anti-test. I'm anti horrible, very-bad, no-good test.