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Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Nspire Has a Complex Mode...

...not just on the CAS version, but on the numerical version too.'s not disabled in test mode. works well. (The TI-84 has an i button, but in my experience it's unreliable.)

...oh *&^%.

First, I thought, "the children must never know about this!"

Yeah. Right.

If there is a button I will find the button.

There it is.

Here are some things it can do:

So after I threw out every assessment I used to use for this unit, I settled into the place of "What the *&^% do I do now?"

But it's good. Good! Good, I say.

It made me give some super-serious thought to what the complex number system is good for.

It's good for solving equations that don't have real solutions. Hello there, quadratics! We meet again. A little earlier this year.

It stops the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra from breaking.

It's full of numbers that represent two dimensions.

I can work with that.