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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Geometry Project Follow-Up

So I think I know what I'm going to do with all these Powerpoint files submitted for the Geometry project. I'll grade them as promised, but when the kids come to class Monday, I'll...

First, show them an uber-presentation of the best possible answer to each statement. This way they will get their feathers fluffed up when they recognize their work on display, but we will also hopefully resolve any lingering doubts. I did not necessarily confirm or deny all their questions while working on the project, because it was more important they keep thinking about it, and the teacher giving the answer from on high shuts down thinking. Most often this sounded something like, "Miss Nowak, will you check my ten Always/Sometimes/Nevers and tell me if they're right?" Me: "No...but I'm happy to discuss with you any specific questions you have about what words mean or what would make a statement true or false..."

Second, each group will get 4 copies of a printout of someone's presentation slide that exhibited a misconception. The task will be, what could you do to help clear up this group's misconception? What could you say/draw/show to convince them that they misunderstand, and also help them understand?" Then, we will jigsaw to mix up the groups, and everyone will share what they learned with their new group.

I always felt weird about the flow of : Work on Project, Submit Project, Teacher Grades Project and Hands it Back, and that is The End. I think there's much to be gained from re-visiting this work and catching all those lingering misunderstandings.

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  1. I like having the student-review-other student's work be a task of looking at a misconception and helping to revise it. that's a really concrete task which seems like it will be quite productive. The uber presentation sounds great too. For my class, about 1/2 were done on paper and 1/2 submitted via powerpoint or word. Now I'm wishing I had 100% on a file so I could pick and choose for a presentation. Next year...


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