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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

2010-2011 Wrap Up

There are just some things I want to get down right now. There was less blogging this year (I know...the spirit just didn't move me, as much, maybe I should set up some kind of schedule.)

Things to Consider about Grading
-go back to 5 point scale
-first assessment - feedback only?
-require that homework be done, checked, discussed, etc before reassessment?
-"show me what you practiced" - you must provide evidence of practice before reassessment. at a minimum, corrections on the two in-class assessments  - and the practice problems from that day on the calendar (?)
-summative assessments - all MC questions - every 6-10 weeks
-pare down standards list somehow
-write reassessment questions ahead of time and have them ready
-alternative assessments/reassessments? record themselves solving a problem?

Add to Lessons
-notebook checks and grades for notebook organization
-Discovery Education videos? (we have a subscription, apparently)
-more structure for vocab in geometry
-open notes for quizzes?
-allow single-page crib sheet for quizzes?
-compelling the kids to write more. Don't just tell me the answer, describe how you got it. Describe how you know. Save samples of good and bad writing.

Things I Don't Yet Know the Answer to:
Ways for kids to share their thinking in the middle of class without interrupting the flow too much. Options right now are: 1. Throw whatever they have in front of them under the document camera. Quick but sloppy. They aren't necessarily writing for an audience in their notes. 2. Haul their butts up to the whiteboard to copy what they've already done so everyone can see it. Takes time. That we don't have to spare. 3. Some elegant tech-y solution I haven't thought of yet. (Idea: Poll them early to figure out who has a camera phone on them, and who can text/email an image for free. Go with that.)

Big Overall Thing I Notice about Myself this Year: I used to be the annoying asshole in the group who was always trying to show she was smarter than everyone else. I've turned into the slightly less annoying asshole who's paying attention to actively supporting whatever good is transpiring around her slash shutting up and listening. I like new me a whole lot more than old me.