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Thursday, April 28, 2011

f(t)'s Greatest Hits

f(t) has its very own Best Of page! My little blog is all grown up. Next thing you know it will be getting its own top level domain and growing facial hair.

Those who have been around for a while will probably not think it's too exciting, but I thought it might be useful for newbs. I spent all of 20 minutes on it, so let me know if I missed one of your faves. Enjoy!


  1. You forgot the infamous skin care post!

  2. Yeah. No...that wasn't an accident.

  3. Now people are just going to have to look it up themselves. ;-)

    Thanks for creating the greatest hits page for a great blog - and congratulations on this milestone!

    - Elizabeth (aka @cheesemonkeysf on Twitter)

  4. Thanks, and you do have a great blog. Best wishes, VMT

  5. Ditto Elissa.

    I'm going thru Google Reader and seeing what I've starred. Inconsistent rhyme and reason, but favorites that I didn't see on your list:

    Soft Skills:
    So Bad
    The Personal Invitation

    How to Teach It:
    Formulas? What Formulas?

    SBG attempt:
    How Math Must Assess: Post Mortem

    Practice Structures:
    Build Your Own Worksheet

  6. Thanks for a fantastic resource of resources! Enough ideas in here to keep me and my classes busy for some time.

  7. Thanks Sarah! I was on the fence about a few of those but you pushed me over the edge.


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