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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Force Vectors and Youtube for Educational Purposes

Vectors are fair game in Alg 2/Trig as Law of Sines/Cosines application problems, and we get one measly day to spend on it. Not an issue for kids who are taking Physics concurrently, but we don't get many of those since Alg2/Trig is sophomores and juniors. With 42 minutes I couldn't come up with a manageable way to use those static spring loaded pull scale things the physics teachers have.

Without some kind of physical demo, at least, this lesson is beyond meaningless. You want me to draw arrows? Why? So we push desks around. Pushing desks around is pretty good.

But what else is good is watching an airplane flying in a direction other than the one it's pointing. To crazily incongruent music. This one, I think, is the best one, but it wouldn't let me embed it. So here is another decent one:

Do not at all remember if I thought up this idea or got it from somewhere, so if it was yours, email me and I'll happily give you credit. Best guess, this prompted me to go searching around youtube.