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Monday, September 20, 2010

Radical Comes from Radix Which Means Root in Latin*

Factoid from the title care of Justin Lanier (which, Justin factoid, is pronounced the opposite of "La-Far.") It is unclear if radix has anything to do with radishes. Radishes are root vegetables, right? I'm thinking yeah.

So anyway I thought I'd throw this out there and see if anyone's got anything better. My irrational and complex numbers unit is pretty anemic. The way we have it calendared, we also kind of have to race through it. This intro lesson is my effort to give them something to grab onto. I'm open to suggestions.

The first three are new. The last two are what I used last year (I tried it as a puzzle - see if you can figure out the patterns and determine the missing values - some of them really liked it, and some of them sat and freaked out for 20 minutes because they couldn't find the cube root function in their calculator.) I think I'm going to give them all of it this year, and instruction will be a combo of encouraging them to think/play/struggle and good old d.i.

*I said Greek first. Oops.