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Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Kind of Hate the Stupidly Ubiquitous Video Cameras

So in the last ten minutes of fifth period, awards had been given out, instructions about what to bring and not bring to the Regents exam had been given, and D plugged his ipod into my computer speakers to entertain us...fine, cute. He started dancing, so did another student, they were very talented, well-practiced, adorable, etc. So then D asks if I want to learn The Stanky Leg and I'm like "Sure! I hope I don't hurt myself! I am comically uncoordinated!" He starts trying to show me, and I start trying to imitate him, and I'm sure it was hilariously awful. But after like a minute, I look up and there are at least three cameras pointed at us. And I stopped. I couldn't make myself continue. I don't know how to feel about that. It would have been fun to continue, and I was fine embarrassing myself in front of these 20 people I've spent so much time with this year, but I wasn't fine embarrassing myself in front of the universe.