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Friday, May 21, 2010


Straight-edge hack:


Paper-saving hack (Thanks to Sarah Cannon):

The document camera doesn't do video hack (Thanks to Maria Anderson):

Floppy compass hack (Or just order these. They are the bomb.):

End-of-May Motivation Hack: Make something cool


  1. Smartboard hack:

  2. Careful with the TIcalc edges... they're curved.

    Another compass hack: loop two paperclips together. You can use a pencil to anchor one end, and the other pencil behaves normally :)

  3. That works for drawing one circle, Scott, but it's not very adjustable. The point of a compass (so to speak) is not that it can draw a circle, it's that it can draw a circle of any radius.

  4. My kids write on their desks with dry erase markers all the time! Just not with blue ones...the ink stains the desk for some reason. Cool ideas,:-).

  5. Another compass hack our math department has been using is to take the hard plastic needlepoint canvas and cut them into strips. You can find these at any craft/sewing store for cheap. (For those who do not sew you might want to Google plastic needlepoint canvas to see what I am referring to.)

    A pencil fits nicely into the little squares and you can get a variety of circle sizes by just moving the pencil to a different square.

    The canvas costs only a couple of bucks and you can make 50+ "compasses" per sheet.


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