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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Subversive Mathematics

There have been two students coming to eat lunch in my room. They're both in my homeroom. Juniors now. Lanky. Maddening combination of wise and clueless. Don't know what to do with themselves half the time.

R is in the just-enough-to-graduate math classes. He is convinced math is a stupid and pointless torture device of adults who are out to make his life miserable. 

I had G when he was a freshman in Algebra 1. If he doesn't see the point, he's out. He's not going to disrupt class; he'll just quietly work on something else. But, he came into homeroom super excited a few weeks ago. He likes to mix, in GarageBand, for fun, and he realized he didn't have to count beats for a whole minute if he set up and solved a proportion.

Me and G and R are very slowly working our way through finding the Ramsey number for three. They don't know that's what we are doing. They are having a great time. I'm having a great time.

G's Trig teacher saw him in there and told me it's great he's getting help with math. Uhhh. Is that what we are doing? A student teacher in my room this week got really confused. She wanted to categorize what she was seeing, real bad. Is this extra credit? Test prep? What?

I'm kind of used to other teachers thinking I'm nuts, but I could use a little validation right now. Somebody tell me I'm not wasting my time and theirs. I just need one comment from a sentient being that says "You are not crazy."