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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thank You

OK I wasn't going to post this story, because I thought it was a tad salacious for a teacher blog, but I'm feeling extra grateful right now for the great suggestions for data to regress (keep them coming!) I don’t respond to comments or feature comments in new posts as much as I would like or probably should. But, I assure you, no word you take the time to send my way goes unread or unappreciated. I'm extremely honored to be a part of this community. To summarize: you all kick serious ass. Thank you.

And, enjoy:

Today I was walking around the room, and a kid was telling a very suspenseful and dramatic story about driver ed or something, and gesticulating, and as I was walking up behind him, his gesticulating hand crashed right onto my boob. Not like a minor brush, either. He got an unignorable handful. Thank goodness I was wearing a bra today.

He snatches his hand away as if he was burned. I'm making a wide-eyed, silent-scream "!!!!" face at him; he's making the same face back at me. 

In my misguided attempt to use humor to diffuse the situation, I say probably the worst possible thing of all things I could say at that moment, 
"Geesh. The last guy who did that bought me dinner first." 
Child: mortified. Classmates: in hysterics. Somehow, we got on with a math lesson.

So THEN, after school, I look up from my desk, and his mom is standing at my door. I think, "Oh, nooo" and brace for impact.

But, no, she just happened to be at school, and wanted to say hi and check in.

Sentence. Deferred.