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Monday, February 22, 2010

Mathtype Challenge

I got all the way to number 12 out of 15 on Maria Anderson's Mathtype/Latex challenge before I ran out of my 5 minute Jing time. Fun! Like Typeracer! But math! I used to hate Mathtype/Equation Editor until I learned some shortcuts. Now I'm a keyboard ninja. Here's my video.

Update, if you're curious about shortcuts: If you hover your  mouse over any button in MathType, it will tell you the keyboard shortcut in the lower left corner of the window. The most time-saving ones for me are Ctrl-f (fraction), Ctrl-h (superscript), Ctrl-r (radical), Ctrl-g p (pi), Ctrl-g q (theta), Ctrl-e (plain text), Ctrl-+ (back to math), and Ctrl-F4 (save and go back to document.) To invoke MT from Word, I can type Ctrl-Alt-q, but that might not work for everybody.


  1. I was successfully resisting the urge to accept this challenge until you posted this, Kate.

    Now I'll _have_ to do it. The only question now is: will I be compelled to repeat it until I can get all 15?

  2. I hope some more people do it because about now I feel like a grade A megadork.

    You probably could get all 15 in 5 minutes if you did it a bunch of times, but, really, I'm sure you have better things to do. :)

  3. What are the shortcuts you're using for Math Type?

  4. Oh yeah!? My math teacher can type math faster than YOUR math teacher!

  5. @Mrs A If you hover your mouse over any command in MT, it tells you the shortcut in the lower left corner of the window. The biggest timesavers for me are Ctrl-f (fraction), Ctrl-h ("high" for exponent), Ctrl-g-p (pi), Ctrl-g-q (theta), and Ctrl-r (radical). Also, don't click on the blank space where you want to type, just Tab to it.

  6. MathType is integrated into the ribbon in Word 2007 for Windows (only the windows version) so I can do "Alt =" for an equation, and not have to leave Word to do it. Then, I can type (x+4)/(x^2-16) and it will auto-format as I type. Things like "\alpha" or "\Delta ABC" are useful. Same with "~=" and "\bullet"

  7. More about Equation Editor in Word 2007 for windows:

  8. Ok here's my screencast of doing things inline with a mix of TeX commands and GUI input.

    Also showing some love to Geogebra in #5!

    Sorry for spamming your blog, Kate!


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