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Monday, February 22, 2010

Mathtype Challenge

I got all the way to number 12 out of 15 on Maria Anderson's Mathtype/Latex challenge before I ran out of my 5 minute Jing time. Fun! Like Typeracer! But math! I used to hate Mathtype/Equation Editor until I learned some shortcuts. Now I'm a keyboard ninja. Here's my video.

Update, if you're curious about shortcuts: If you hover your  mouse over any button in MathType, it will tell you the keyboard shortcut in the lower left corner of the window. The most time-saving ones for me are Ctrl-f (fraction), Ctrl-h (superscript), Ctrl-r (radical), Ctrl-g p (pi), Ctrl-g q (theta), Ctrl-e (plain text), Ctrl-+ (back to math), and Ctrl-F4 (save and go back to document.) To invoke MT from Word, I can type Ctrl-Alt-q, but that might not work for everybody.