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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Soldiers in the War on Innumeracy

I heard a version of this story from three different students on the day after winter break. "Tog" is slang for a local ski place. From a class blog comment:
This happened at tog - they have cups and creamers for .05 cents i called them out and i got yelled at...because aparently "As adults" they have it down as 5 Cents...and then i was like "but as people who r buying ur product...we have it as .05 cents, which is a 100 fold difference"
Way to go, "adults"!

Another student told me he tried to buy 100 cups for a nickel and argued with the manager for half an hour. "Then what happened?" I say. "They changed their sign."

All I did was show them this. It's not my fault.

Update: the youtube clip has since been taken down for mysterious reasons. Here it is on YTMND.