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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Conversations with the Deficient in Attention

"Hi Miss Nowak."

"Oh! Hi ___. What's up?"

"What are you doing?"

"Getting ready to teach this class. How are you? How's your year going?"

"Oh fine. Hey is that a quiz? Can I try it?"

"Um,'s a Geometry quiz. Probably a little boring for you. Aren't you going to be late for 8th period?"

"Yeah maybe. Hey I like your nail polish."


"The answer to the first one is 80 degrees."

"I know."

"Remember that time in detention, when you let me sit at the big table with you to do my homework, and I started flipping through your notepad (pause for laughter) and found your (pause to laugh and catch breath) grocery list, and it said... tampons? That was hilarious."

"Good times."

"So I just stopped in to tell you I got into RIT."

"....What?! Wow! That's great! High five!"

"But if I want a hug, I should go to the English wing, right Miss Nowak?"

"That's right."

"Yeah I'm majoring in physics." (bell starts ringing) "Whoa, I better go."


  1. Great story and all to familiar from my students! I especially love the part about going to the English wing for hugs.

  2. I'm shocked! You're actually a real human woman as well as being a teacher? Scandalous!

    But good on kid going into physics.

  3. Oh, too funny! The hugs part cracked me up. I have one student this year who is always trying to hug me. It really creeps me out. He tries to make me feel guilty for not hugging him. He said Mrs. So and So always gives him a hug. Turns out Mrs. So and So is indeed his English teacher!

  4. Classic ADLAS - Attention Deficit - look, a squirrel!

  5. He's one you can't help liking even though he's maddening. He drove me nuts last year but I also miss him.

  6. He didn't mention your cool shoes either.

  7. That's my life in a nutshell! My students at


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