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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Exponential Growth and Credit Cards

This is designed to take a student from reviewing percent change to understanding continuous growth in three days. Probably mostly useful for my NYS peeps, because nowhere else would you be expected to do this in three days. "Days" might be optimistic here. And to paraphrase Moltke, no lesson plan survives first contact with the students. I'll report back after we work through it, after the break. Many thanks to Jake and Dan Greene and my colleague S (who might not want her name published, I don't know), who were kind enough to share their work with me and got whole paragraphs plagiarized for their trouble. (If the formatting on the download looks janky, select all the text and change it to Calibri 11. Use narrow margins.)

(Note: After some revisions a new, improved document was uploaded, and the link changed, at 11:55AM EST on 11/23/09.)