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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mo' Bandwidth Mo' Problems

I started out this year requiring both classes (5 sections, 130 kids) to register with a class blog and register on the textbook (PPH) website.

I set it up so that they needed to be logged into both to complete a homework assignment the first week. I gave them super explicit written instructions for everything they were expected to do, several days to do it, and practically continuous email support.

I'm not handing out books. Not yet. After a few weeks, after we get over the resistance to something new, then if they still want a book they can have a book.

Apparently this makes me THE MEANEST TEACHER IN THE WORLD. (She won't even give us a book!)

Digital natives, my butt.

I'm embarrassed at the number of times I've had to suppress the "chuck it all and go back to business as usual" reaction. And at its severity.

This week has also been riddled with maddening technical issues with the Smartboard and the laptop it's attached to. My grand plans to use polleverywhere in class were foiled by the lack of Verizon coverage in my classroom. (Verizon is supposed to be the good one, around here!)

It's only been 3 days.

Did anyone get the number of that truck driving school? Truck Masters, I think it was called?