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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dispatch from Wells College

Cross post from AMTNYS Summer 2009

I can't believe it took me until Tuesday night to post!

I delivered my workshop on Monday morning about blogging for PD. All details here. I was surprised and charmed that the people who decided to attend, with a few exceptions, had very little experience with even reading blogs! We spent the majority of the workshop allowing them to explore what's out there, and setting up Google Reader. I was also surprised that the highest barrier to participating in professional blogs is fear of privacy violation. A fear I totally respect, and want to spend more time discussing at the next session tomorrow morning.

I got to attend a number of fantastic sessions - I got some new ideas for math games (for little kids, but good ones can be extended to older kids), learned about some exciting resources to bring astronomy into a math classroom, and I might have picked up both a knitting and a quilting habit.

Today I took a stimulating trip to Watkins Glen for a leisurely walk down the Gorge Trail (it was gorge-ous), an unexpected dinner at Moosewood, and a failed attempt to hit the Cornell Dairy Barn. As a bonus, we only *almost* ran out of gas on the way home. And there was excellent ice cream when we got back anyway.

Phew! I'm tired.


  1. The Moosewood? Lucky.

  2. The very same... it was cool that everyone was into checking it out, because we didn't even have any vegetarians along.

    I'd like to say I go all the time since I live ~1.5 hours away, but this was only my second visit.

  3. Dear Kate,

    Your workshop was really very useful to me. Your consistency in keeping up with it is inspiring. I would like to keep in touch with you and maybe you can invite me to your class or school to give a presentation or workshop one day (different options). things work out in a mysterious way. The blogging idea just inspired me to suggest to a friend to blog together on daily and then extend it to others (some people feel too overwhelmed by a large number of readers shares and cannot get the big picture so starting small may be good.

    Take care,


  4. Yeah for you getting a knitting habit! (Quilting too, but I'm much less successful at finishing my quilting projects.)

    Hope today's session goes well too and that you keep enjoying the conference.

  5. @Dani - I'm a big fan of starting small. Group authored blogs can be a nice way to get into it, because you know you will have at least some readers.

    @Sarah - I have got it bad. There is an awesome retired teacher here who has me wanting to start about 6 different projects. She has a Moebius scarf and a Fibonacci scarf, and these sweaters and shawls with crazy/elegant geometric patterns. And she dyes yarn with kool-aid.

  6. And you already know Ravelry. Feel free to look at my delicious links tagged with "math" and "knitting" if you need more reason. (Darn. The Yarn Theory exhibit in NY has closed, so you can't take a field trip there. Just visit the website for *hours* of fascination/inspiration.

  7. The Gorge was something to look at. It was a little strange, though, to have the walk all paved... We drove on more dirt than we walked on...



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