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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Productive Talk

I struggle, daily, with this (somewhat internal, somewhat not) dialog. Er, monologue. "Stop talking!" "Wait, I mean talk to each other!" "But about math!" "Oh, forget it, stop talking!" Really, my students talk, quite a bit. About math. In fact, trying to squash all talking seems to promote the off-task talking. But I still have to work to make it happen. It's not always organic, per se, to my lessons.

Anyway, this made me giggle. AD was at its best when it let us gently laugh at ourselves by laughing at its flawed but lovable characters. Enjoy. (Also, I didn't know until today Hulu let you share a user-defined clip, which is rad.)


  1. Mmmf. I know exactly the feeling (made doubly interesting when students aren't just conversing but translating from English into Spanish).

  2. Hey Kate,

    Did you know that Hulu only streams inside the United States?

    An example of unproductive talk?

  3. No I did not! Lame!

    My school blocks it, if you makes you feel any better.


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