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Friday, April 10, 2009

A Classic Activity and My First Videos

Yesterday in addition to letting my freshmen play with Geogebra to see if the ball landed in the can, I had my sophomores/juniors do the old Sine Spaghetti activity. Just for fun I walked around with my new Flip camera to document the festivities.

Here is one version of instructions for the activity (from Mrs H, I think?). (Not the version I used, but that one is trapped on a CD in my classroom right now.)

I don't know how instructive these will be, but it gave me a chance to use my new toy. I was careful to edit out faces - there are voice and backs of heads. Is that ok? Anyway, enjoy...

Constructing a Circle from Kate Nowak on Vimeo.

Marking Angles from Kate Nowak on Vimeo.

Marking the String from Kate Nowak on Vimeo.

Transferring Sines from Kate Nowak on Vimeo.

Finished Product from Kate Nowak on Vimeo.