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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This Game Really Is Worth 1000 Worksheets

"Of course you realize, this means war."

I learned about this from Denise at Let's Play Math - turn evaluating expressions or comparing quantities into a game of War. For some reason, every kid loves War. I used it today for the trig classes to mentally evaluate the values of logs. It was a big hit. I made decks of 30 by printing out these (word doc) and introducing them to Mr. Paper Cutter. Here is the pdf (Thank you, Kenneth.)


  1. Great idea! It's always more fun to play a game than do a worksheet, plus I HATE grading worksheets! The students will do more self-evaluating here :)

    So I'm totally stealing your idea, but I'll have to modify it since I teach 7th grade (not quite to logs yet!)Maybe equations, or integer operations, or something.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Mrs. Fuller - You should check out the link to the original post that I based it on. It has more ideas for lower grades. And thanks, I'm glad you like it.

  3. this game was awesome! my juniors loved it and started to pick up some more mental math skills. thanks for posting it!

  4. As I've been cleaning up my old blog posts, I rediscovered this game. Great timing! Just this week, Kitten decided that learning about logarithms was ever so much more interesting than her pre-algebra review lessons.

    I made a mess of the explanation, since it has been years since I've even thought about logs, but she seemed to follow the idea well enough. Your logarithm war game and log laws worksheets will be perfect next steps for her.

    Thank you!

  5. Hmm. I'm feeling a Which-Bulb-Is-The-Brightest set for circuits... Thanks again!


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