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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What I Did Today

Don't blame me, it was Sam's idea. Was kind of fun, actually.

My Workday
Tuesday February 3, 2009

1st (planning period)
1. polished smart notebook file for algebra 2 lesson
2. wrote algebra 2 test for friday
3. edited students' warm up sheet so that it would waste less paper
4. sent both to printer and picked up. graphs printed weird.
5. edited test file and re-printed.
6. walked both upstairs to office to sent out for copies.

2nd & 3rd - 7. taught algebra 2 classes how to graph y = a*sin(bx) + c and y = a*cos(bx) + c

4th (while precalc class was taking a test)
8. talked to new student about what she had already done in her previous math class, worked out plan for her to catch up to new class
9. sent smart notebook printouts, calendar, and review sheet for next precalc unit to printer
10. end of period: showed substitute using my room 5th & 6th how to open the files he needed on smartboard laptop computer

11. ate lunch, chatted with colleagues
12. picked up precalc unit packet from printer and walked upstairs to send copies

6th (learning support center duty)
13. polished smart notebook file for algebra 1 lesson
14. asked around if anyone needed help with math
15. left early due to overwhelming cafeteria food smell/loud chewing noises.
16. wish that they weren't allowed to eat in there.

7th & 8th - 17. taught algebra 1 classes how to factor ax^2 + bx + c where a > 1

After School
18. Supervised 5 students working on MathNotations contest
19. Simultaneously typed calendar and worksheets for next Algebra 2 unit
20. Sent work for student on Out of School Suspension to counseling office
21. Wrote an administrative referral for a girl who cut 7th period
22. Talked to colleague about faculty meeting about budget that I missed
23. Graded some quick-checks from today and makeup tests
24. Started grading precalc tests
25. Stayed until 5:00 with group still working on contest problems (even though contest ended at 3:45)

All I can say is thank goodness I don't have to stand around and make copies. Also, my as-yet-unrealized ultimate plans for ultimate organization would make some of this take less time.


  1. So much fun! I *love* making lists.

    I was thinking of doing this everyday this week! But naah...

    But it's crazy how many little things we are juggling. Not that it's any more than people in industry, but non-teachers never realize that being a teacher is so much more than teaching.


  2. I'm afraid to start my list.

    Standing around making copies is good for me. I send my jobs thru the printer and run to the restroom. I'm not sure where that critical need would fit in my day otherwise. (Granted small classes may mean I make fewer copies than you would.) Also, the new copier doesn't hole punch, so once I get back, I start using the manual hole punch.


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