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Friday, October 24, 2008

What Not to Do with Your Smartboard

In case you missed it...Weekend Update skewers technology for its own sake. Jump to 5:10 where Fred Armisen brings the funny.


  1. Now THAT was pretty funny. I wonder how many students feel that way with their teachers... 8-0

  2. You have to wonder... :-)

    I showed it at a PD workshop today. Internet/projector for the win!

  3. Hehe, "watch me make Michigan bounce." Makes me think, how many teachers want/have smartboards because they think they are "cool" and not because they see ways in which it will enhance presentation in a way that improves student understanding?

  4. I think my favorite is "Minnesota is very heavy...can you imagine the sheer weight of it?" It sounds just like the inane false pathos on the real news.


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